Our Programs

For a Real Change, Inc. offers multiple programs for young people, from third grade through high school with collaborative initiatives for college students. All of our programs strive to educate young people and advance critical thinking skills in order to develop leaders to make a positive difference in the world.

Dueña de Mi Futuro 

Dueña de Mi Futuro by For a Real Change is an enrichment program designed especially for Latinas in grades 6-12. The program creates a space for girls to develop strategies for college and career success.

My Sister is Succeeding

MySiS is an academically-engaging mentoring program designed for Black teen girls to script their path to success. My Sister is Succeeding uses three primary pillars, My Mind, My Voice, My Path, to connect girls who desire to excel or continue excelling academically in leadership through language arts.

Jonesville Academy

The Jonesville Academy is a partnership between For a Real Change, Inc. and Boys to Men Leadership Group KY. The mission of the Jonesville Academy is to equip underrepresented minority males with the tools necessary to succeed. The Jonesville Academy program and curriculum are designed for Black/African-American, Hispanic/Latino, and multi-racial young men in grades 3-9.  

Minding My Math Business

Minding My Math Business is a five-day inclusive summer program designed for Black and Brown youth to learn rigorous mathematics that develops the young scholars’ mathematical identity and celebrates them as gifted mathematicians. Additionally, the young scholars engage in and learn about mindfulness and meditative interventions for overcoming negative emotions that often accompany math anxiety. Youth from all backgrounds may register.  This program is organized by WKU professors from the Departments of Mathematics, Finance, and Counseling & Student Affairs in partnership with For a Real Change, Inc. and The Kelly M. Burch Institute for Transformative Practices in Higher Education.

Living as Leaders

Living as Leaders aims to develop the leadership capacity in youth through creating a foundational understanding of leadership and increasing each youth’s knowledge of common life skills. Living as leaders uses applied learning to build upon each youth’s ability to apply leadership to life skills. This interactive programming engages young people in becoming better leaders at home and in the community. 

Support Our Programs

We greatly appreciate all monetary gifts and use them to create life-changing programs.