youth working on a poster

For a Real Change, Inc. offers multiple programs for young people from kindergarten through high school with collaborative initiatives for college students. All of our programs strive to educate young people and advance critical thinking skills in order to develop leaders to make a positive difference in the world.

Living as Leaders

Living as Leaders aims to develop the leadership capacity in youth through creating a foundational understanding of leadership and increasing each youth’s knowledge of common life skills. Living as leaders uses applied learning to build upon each youth’s ability to apply leadership to life skills. This three-weekend interactive programming engages young people in becoming better leaders at home and in the community. Living as Leaders is implemented in partnership with LIFE Mentoring.

Young Men Leading In..

Young Men Leading In… is a day conference on August 7 for grades 6-12 focused on educating young men for leading in opportunistic and adverse situations. This conference creates a space for young men to expand their thinking of leadership going into a new academic year by learning about and discussing leadership qualities within the context of leading in different situations. Leadership facilitators will lead topics with young men broken into small breakout rooms based on age and grade, and a closing speaker will address the entire group. 

Dueña de Mi Futuro (Owner of My Future)

Dueña de Mi Futuro by For a Real Change is an enrichment program designed especially for Latina girls in grades 6-12. The program creates a space for girls to develop strategies for success by exploring avenues to address social, emotional, and cultural barriers. Dueña de Mi Futuro takes place over four Saturdays beginning September 19 at 10:00 am – 11:30 am.