Dueña de mi futuro

Girls walking

Dueña de mi futuro by For a Real Change is an enrichment program specially designed for Latina girls in grades 6-12 with each session taking place over four Saturdays. The program offers participants an opportunity to learn from educators and speakers about leadership and college and career opportunities. At the same time, the program creates a space for participants to discuss and develop plans to address barriers to success. 

This program is coordinated in partnership with the Hispanic Organization for the Promotion of Education (HOPE) with support from the WKU Recruitment in Equity and Diversity in Teaching Program and Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College.


Each Saturday, participants will join via Zoom for 60-90 minutes of activities and small group sessions around the given topic for the day. The group sessions provide youth with an opportunity to learn from their leaders, get to know their peers, and share their knowledge and opinions on the topics.


Individual Sponsorships: Anyone who is interested in donating to For a Real Change, Inc. for Dueña de mi futuro, can submit a donation online or via mail using our donate page.

Business Sponsorships: If your business is interested in being a program sponsor, please contact info@forarealchange.org for our sponsorship information.