As part of Sexual Assault Prevention and Child Abuse Prevention Months, For a Real Change has joined Boys to Men Leadership Group, Hope Harbor, Inc., and the Sexual Assault Prevention Committee, to present an event with content fitting for all youth in grades 6-8. Inbounds

Stories of Change Makers

Education Matters

Beatriz Oliveira Antunes leaves high school sharing some words to remember.

Graduate Beatriz Antunes reflects on high school

On May 27, 2023, five high school seniors who participated in Dueña de mi futuro will graduate from South Warren High School, heading to college this fall. One of which, Beatriz Oliveira Antunes, leaves high school sharing some words to remember. “Try everything once, but

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Four moms share their experience

When to start talking to your kids about college:

College teams make apparel for babies, and kids cheer for college sports teams alongside their parents on game day. Aside from knowing colleges exist, when do parents start talking to their children about attending a college or university? Shannon Wilson Sherman, Karen Kerr, Nne Ragland, and Jessica Forrest share when they started talking with their children about college.

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College Student: Prepare Before You Get There

You don’t know this, but my second semester in college ended with me on academic probation. My excuse – I lacked the maturity and discipline needed for a successful first year. I am sure people expected I would never graduate. If so, they were wrong. I finished strong. Now years later, I get to start my sixth year teaching a course for freshmen that helps them better prepare for college.

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Our Team

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Volunteers mean so much to For A Real Change, Inc. Volunteers may serve within programs or as contributing writers and creative volunteers supporting the programs in other ways. Specific volunteer opportunities will be posted on our Volunteer page as they become available.

Mentors, teachers, speakers, and assistants

Within For a Real Change, we believe that teachers, speakers, and assistants serve as mentors – advising and guiding the youth. The For a Real Change mentors empower youth by supporting them in identifying the power within themselves.

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Our Team

The For a Real Change team consists of our executive director and board of directors. The board of directors meets monthly and remain our first supporters. Each board member volunteers with at least one For a Real Change program and promotes education in other areas of their lives.