Community Partnerships

For a Real Change, Inc. values partnerships, and Bowling Green, Kentucky is home to several organizations that support youth development along with community leaders who work together on different initiatives. In addition to the partnership for Living as Leaders, For a Real Change is one of the visionaries behind the Bloom Enrichment Program.

Bloom Enrichment Program

For a Real Change, Inc. serves as one of six partnering organizations to found the Bloom Enrichment Program. Bloom’s mission is to provide a virtual space for girls to blossom in social, emotional, physical, and mental wellness. Founding organizations/programs include BeautifulYOU, Becoming University, Bolden Beauty Industry, Girl in the Mirror Program, and LIFE Mentoring.

WKU Partnerships

For a Real Change, Inc. receives support or partners to implement multiple programs. Minding My Math Business is implemented by professors in the Math Department and Counseling & Student Affairs Department, and For a Real Change, Inc. is pleased to serve as a partner. WKU Recruitment in Equity and Diversity in Teaching Program in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences partners with us for Dueña de mi futuro and supports My Sister is Succeeding.

Boys to Men Leadership Group

For a Real Change, Inc. works alongside Boys to Men Leadership Group for the Jonesville Academy program and Young Men Leading In Conference (also partnered with Light of Chance, Inc.) Our collaboration with Boys to Men also extends to the Out of Bounds program. B2M is an active supporter of youth development programs.