Out of Bounds

As part of Sexual Assault Prevention Month, For a Real Change joined Hope Harbor, Inc. and WKU Counseling Center along with Boys to Men Leadership Group and Leading Ladies and the Sexual Assault Prevention Committee, to present an event with content fitting for all youth in grades 6-8.


The Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 5:00pm event at the Bowling Green Ball Park featured multiple interactive activities to get youth learning and moving. Youth heard from Tyreon Clark, Executive Director of Boys to Men Leadership Group and took part in the It’s MySpace activity led by Maja Anatonic of Hope Harbor, Inc.

At least the first 40 youth that register received a goody bag with a free copy of Barbara Dee’s book Maybe He Just Likes You. Youth will also receive our challenge card, an activity card for the month of April.


For the finale, youth were invited to return on April 26, 2022 at 5:00pm for our book discussion of Maybe He Just Likes You. We met at the Warren County Public Library – Bob Kirby Branch. This event included food, giveaways and prizes, and more. There were ways for youth to participate even if they did not read the book.

The Stay Inbounds card wass returned for the finale event on April 26th for a chance to win prizes.


Then, during the month of April, the youth had the opportunity to participate in the Stay Inbounds challenge card also. The card, similar to a bingo card has up to 16 activities for youth to learn about boundaries and how to engage in activities that make them more aware of how to create their own and respect others. This is a great opportunity for youth to learn and engage in raising awareness.  

The Inbounds card can be returned for the finale event on April 26th for a chance to win prizes.


Spend April 1 – 26 participating in the Stay Inbounds Challenge. The challenge card can be returned at the finale event on April 26 at 5:00pm at the Bob Kirby Library.