My Sister is Succeeding – High School

This page provides details for our MySiS program for grades 9-12.

My Sister is Succeeding is an academically engaging mentoring program designed for Black teen girls to script their path to success. It uses three primary pillars, My Mind, My Voice, My Path, to connect teen girls. The spring 2023 session specifically uses elements of writing and digital storytelling.

Black teen girls in grades 9-12 meet at Western Kentucky University to engage in a curriculum that connects to their racialized-gendered experiences, challenges them to think critically, and creates a space to practice mindfulness as a means to ignite academic achievement. The high school edition also integrates conversations about college and career exploration.


My Sister is Succeeding increases participants’ understanding of good mental health practices and the value of centering oneself, which affects their communication and approach to learning.


My Sister is Succeeding creates a space for youth to see their racialized-gendered experiences in literary works, explore issues that challenge them to think critically, and practice articulating their thoughts.


My Sister is Succeeding creates a space for youth to engage in identity-affirming mentoring experiences while encouraging one another in accomplishing their goals.


MySiS registration is expected to open on October 1 and remain open until the program exceeds capacity. Priority registration is on November 1. The registration fee is payable after completing the registration form or upon arrival on the first day. If you are unable to provide the registration fee, you can select the sponsored registration option on the registration form.


As part of the registration process, participants are asked to write a “Dear Future Me” letter. We ask that you use the guidelines listed online.  What youth write in the letter will not determine your participation in this program.

Logo designed by: WKU Art student, Kyndall Waller