Minding My Math Business Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I/my student participate in this program?

This program has been designed to engage Black and Brown students in mathematics at a rigorous level while also helping them develop mindfulness and mediative practices known to combat the anxiety that comes with doing mathematics. We anticipate that those in the program will develop a deeper understanding of mathematics, better preparing them for the upcoming school year and future endeavors. We also anticipate that engaging in mindfulness and meditation activities will help those in the program develop the skills needed to address general as well as specific anxieties that can conflict students in their studies. Additionally, this program is being provided free of change.

What will a day look like at MMMB?

In the mornings, middle-school scholars will start their session by engaging in some mindfulness and meditation exercises led by Dr. Cre Dye. This will be followed by engaging and exciting math activities led by Mrs. Michelle Jones, Ms. Robin Ayers, and Dr. Kanita DuCloux. Then, the session will finish with Dr. Cre Dye leading the scholars through more mindfulness and meditation exercises. High school scholars will follow the same daily structure but will meet in the afternoon.

What should I/my student/child bring each day?

The program will provide all the necessary materials to engage in daily activities. To most benefit from the mindfulness and meditation exercises, it is recommended to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing (e.g., t-shirts, shorts, and tennis shoes). All participants will be provided with daily snacks and a t-shirt for participating in the program.

What mathematics should my student/I have completed to be successful in the program?

Any prior mathematics knowledge is sufficient. We are looking for curious scholars who are interested in being challenged mathematically and come with a willingness to learn. We want all of our scholars to be pushed in their knowledge and leave the program feeling challenged and accomplished.

I am a high school student who will be driving myself to the program. Where can I park?

On the first day of the program, we will provide you with a parking permit that will allow you to park each day of the program. We will provide you with the confirmed parking location before the program begins.