Math Autobiography

Thank you for submitting your registration form for Minding My Math Business. As part of the registration process, you are being asked to write a 100-to-500-word essay about your mathematical background.

Please include the following in your math autobiography.  We appreciate your honesty as it will help us better prepare for the program. Your responses in this autobiography will not determine your participation in this program.

1.  Please describe your feelings and attitudes towards math. You should explain how you feel about math, what you like or dislike about it and why you feel that way. You may also include any other information that reflects your attitudes toward mathematics.

2.  Please outline your progression through math courses as far back as you can remember. Suggested topics include previous experiences you have had with mathematics both good and bad (elementary, middle, or high school). You can explain how these experiences have affected the feelings described in the first paragraph.

3.  Please explain your expectations and goals for this summer program. Include what you think going into this program. What do you hope to gain from this program? Be honest about your feelings. How do you think it will be of benefit to you, do you think you will be prepared for future math courses, do you think you will apply concepts in this course to other courses or life events, etc.?

Your essay should be double-spaced and Times New Roman is the preferred 12-pt font. It must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document or PDF file.

Email your math autobiography to to complete your registration.

Watch the video instructions with WKU Math Instructor Robin Ayers