I Have a Dream

Celebrating MLK Day, the 2nd Annual “I Have a Dream” event provides a space for youth in grades 3-12 together to visualize their goals for the year. The event features a motivational speaker, group leaders, and uses vision boards as the activity to map out their dreams and plans. This event seeks to empower them to imagine and discuss their hopes and dreams for the year or multiple years ahead.

Date / Time / Location

Date: Monday, January 17, 2022

Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm Central

Location: Online via Zoom – Zoom link provided via email

Due to weather and road conditions, this event will only meet virtually.


A vision board is typically a poster with pictures and words that represent a person’s dreams and goals. It allows the individual to get a visual picture of where they would like to go. 

Vision board events have been used as a means for an individual to consider their goals and begin to lay them out for them to see. Vision boards often use magazines, photos, word clippings, and/or inspirational words to represent what an individual wants to experience in a given period of time. A vision board may be created for a year or multiple years. 


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is known for his leadership during the Civil Rights Movement. He and many others imagined a country and world where individuals had equal rights under the law. His dream is still coming alive today. The “I Have a Dream” takes place on MLK Day to remind youth of his impact on the world and how we all have a dream. 


  • Magazines (or printed cut-outs)
  • Posterboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick (or tape)

Supplies Provided – For a Real Change, Inc. will provide poster board, scissors, and glue sticks free of charge for participants attending in person. Some magazines will be available in person as well.


Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor or donating material items to For a Real Change, Inc. for the “I Have a Dream” event, can email info@forarealchange.org.