five teenage students with books and notebooks

Career Pursuit

Career Pursuit aims to advance young people’s understanding of varying academic programs and careers. The program takes place over a series of weekends outside of students’ regular classrooms, and it brings youth to a college campus to bring attention to educational pathways to potential careers. Career Pursuit engages young people in becoming better leaders for a better tomorrow.

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Teen girls

Living as Leaders

Living as Leaders aims to develop the leadership capacity in youth through creating a foundational understanding of leadership and increasing each youth’s knowledge of common life skills. Living as leaders uses applied learning to build upon each youth’s ability to apply leadership to life skills.This three-weekend interactive programming engages the young people in becoming better leaders at home and in the community.

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Page Turners

Page Turners aims to increase young people’s desire to read. Beyond reading, the Page Turner program strives to enhance reading comprehension by challenging the young people to think critically and express themselves through the stories they share. The Page Turners develop their reading ability by living out the messages of the books selected specifically for their positive messaging.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Julia Rivas


“I was walking around campus telling God ‘I want to make a difference in this world, and I want to create change’,” Julia Rivas said. This prayer she spoke led to nearly a decade of situations lining up for her to do just that.

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College Student: Prepare Before You Get There

You don’t know this, but my second semester in college ended with me on academic probation. My excuse – I lacked the maturity and discipline needed for a successful first year. I am sure people expected I would never graduate. If so, they were wrong. I finished strong. Now years later, I get to start my sixth year teaching a course for freshmen that helps them better prepare for college.

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