Jacquelyn Wilde Eubanks to speak at “I Have a Dream” on MLK Day
Jacquelyn Wilde Eubanks

I was born in the fall of 1996 in Mobile, Alabama, where I was soon adopted and raised in the small town of Monroeville. I moved to Kentucky in my early teens and was headed toward college in pursuit of a track and field dream when an ankle injury forced me to change course. After high school, I was approached by several modeling agencies, leading to a brief career that spanned Nashville, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. But all I really wanted was to move back home to Bowling Green, Kentucky, where I am now pursuing my real estate business. I am accompanied by my German Shepherd pups, Azlan and Manilla. 


I started working for NextHome Realty Experts in June of 2018. It was a no-brainer for me to place my license with this company. Truly an effortless decision! NextHome’s consumer-focused branding, technology, and marketing really stood out to me. I’ve always believed in having a ‘quality over quantity’ mindset, and NextHome displays this attribute when taking on their agents and clients. I love all of my colleagues, otherwise known as “NextHomies”, and I adore the family environment we have created together. I consider myself over-the-moon blessed to be a part of this wonderful company! 


At NextHome, we are well-rounded in the sense that we have agents who specialize and thrive in certain areas. Depending on a client’s needs, our NextHomies can cater specifically to the buying and selling of residential properties, new construction listings, commercial buildings or lots, foreclosure investments, land inventory, downsizing solutions, or bringing a property to auction. Our job is to guide our clients during the process of moving real estate, but we firmly believe the product will sell itself. What’s “unique” about us is that we value our relationships more than our transactions. We pride ourselves with our motto #HumansOverHouses. Money comes and goes, but relationships last forever. 


My biggest inspiration and driving force is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He deserves all the credit for my success, accomplishments, and story. Without His love and mercy I’m not sure where I’d be. He inspires me to prevail when times may seem uncertain, smile not only on the hilltops, but while floating in uncharted waters too, and most importantly to love when this world throws so much hate. I’m thankful because He voluntarily took my sins as His own. And I am blessed that He is the source of my confidence in being able to handle whatever comes my way. 


I would say my biggest accomplishment that I am most proud of is my recent adventure in being a published author. I never imagined myself as an author, however I’ve always been a diary keeper/journaler in my spare time for therapeutic reasons. Although my book is not geared towards my real estate business, I wrote it in honor of my late husband who passed away on October 4th, 2020 from cancer. My prayer is that my readers not only gain insight on our journey together, but seek refuge in Christ. This life can be really tough at times, but we don’t have to walk it alone. 


Truthfully, although I love this community I’ve been blessed to call home, I wasn’t super involved until I met my late husband. Cody helped the communities he was a part of so effortlessly and gracefully, that it was impossible for me not to get involved deeper, too. After his passing, I felt the calling on my heart to start a non-profit not only to carry on his legacy, but to help others as we were/are so passionate in doing. This next chapter will benefit our community as well as bring attention to other nonprofits in countless ways. I am so incredibly excited to continue spreading love and light in creating The Eubanks Foundation. The Eubanks Foundation was officially launched in the fall of 2021. We’re excited to begin sharing this organization with others very soon.