“I Have a Dream” set to inspire girls to dream on MLK Day
Virtual Vision Board event

For a Real Change, Inc. invites girls in grades 3 – 12 to participate in a no-cost virtual event on MLK Day called “I Have a Dream.” The event includes author Rainbow Huff as the guest speaker and provides a space for girls to visualize their goals for the year through a vision board activity. 

“I Have a Dream” begins at 2:30pm CST on Monday, January 18 via Zoom. Parents/guardians who wish to register their girls are encouraged to do so by the priority registration on Friday, January 8, but registration will continue through January 15.

A vision board is typically a poster with cutouts from magazines, photos, word clippings, and/or inspirational words placed on it to represent a person’s dreams and goals. It allows the individual to create a visual picture of their goals for a year or multiple years. 

Executive Director Aurelia Spaulding said, “I talked to a mother who plans to have her three girls participate in the event and do their boards together. This practice is similar to a regular vision board event and is a fun way for siblings or close friends to bond.”

Participants will work on their vision boards in small groups based on their age and grade. Two of the groups will be facilitated by Monica Hines from the WKU Department of Social Work, and Adria Whitlow from Evolving Lives, LLC. which coordinates the BeautifulYou program for girls.

For a Real Change, Inc. thought it fitting to have the event on MLK Day. 

“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is known for his leadership during the Civil Rights Movement. He and many others imagined a country and world where individuals had equal rights under the law. His dream is still coming alive today,” said Aurelia Spaulding, Executive Director of For a Real Change, Inc. “I Have a Dream takes place on MLK Day to remind youth of his impact on the world and how we all have a dream.”

All supplies, except magazine cutouts, will be provided to participants living in Bowling Green free of charge, while supplies last. Registrants who live outside of Bowling Green can still participate by providing their own supplies.

Parents/guardians can register youth online at forarealchange.org/ihaveadream.  Anyone wishing to donate youth magazines, supplies, or make monetary donations, can email [email protected]