Meet Julia Rivas
Julia Rivas

For a Real Change, Inc. is pleased to introduce you to Finance Chair Julia Rivas. We celebrate Julia as a founding board member and appreciate her resilience and passion for people that she brings to the organization. Let us tell you about her. 

Julia Rivas is a mother of two beautiful children: a professional, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an artist, and a philanthropic community member. A forever student, a seeker of knowledge, and a sharer. She is passionate about many topics such as motherhood, nutrition, health, wellness, fashion, education, positivity and thriving in this beautiful life. 

Julia was born in the beautiful country of El Salvador, located in Central America.  At the age of thirteen her family decided to move to the United States, the state of New Jersey to be exact. Years later, her family relocated to Bowling Green, Kentucky, where she had the opportunity to pursue higher education.   

Mrs. Rivas holds two degrees from Western Kentucky University, the last one being a Master in Student Affairs. Her passion to help others makes her an active participant of the Hispanic Organization for the Promotion of Education (HOPE) and more recently For A Real Change, Inc.  In addition, her passion for fitness and her Latin culture, made her pursue a certification in Zumba and currently, she is training to become a certified Yoga instructor (200 RYT).