Why For A Real Change?

For a Real Change, Inc. believes that we currently live in a time when our youth in Generation Z (born between 1997 – 2012) want to learn more and through different methods, and pursue activities and careers that provide an avenue for them to impact the world for the better. The organization was founded to develop young leaders who want to learn, serve, and impact For a Real Change. 

Youth may be driven to address climate change, social injustice, homelessness, poverty, equity in education, bullying, or many others. For a Real Change, Inc. exists to empower youth to improve their quality of life and those within their reach through education, applied learning, and meaningful service experiences. 

Founded on June 12, 2020,  For a Real Change programs will begin programs and events in the fall of 2020 and continue to expand based.

So, what do For a Real Change programs and services look like? 

It looks like creating spaces for teen girls to talk openly, support, and encourage each other in programs that teach and encourage them to lead. It continues with opportunities for young men to interact with and learn from positive men in their community.   

For us, this looks like creating programs focused on increasing the number of youth from underrepresented populations in law, politics, and media careers. Then, it is providing topics and speakers that challenge them to listen, read, respond, and apply what they have learned. 

Our work also looks like maintaining resourceful information to communicate with young leaders who want to serve and be engaged. 

For a Real Change can be broken down to mean, For Anchoring our Reach through Education and Applied Learning to Cultivate Humanitarians Acting for the Next Generation to Excel.