Mentors, teachers, speakers, and assistants

Within For a Real Change, we believe that teachers, speakers, and assistants serve as mentors – advising and guiding the youth. The For a Real Change mentors empower youth by supporting them in identifying the power within themselves.

For a Real Change seeks the following types of mentors:

Teachers – Teachers lead groups in lessons over the course of multiple weeks. They use their knowledge missed with the key topics to guide discussion and guide the youth in applied learning activities. For a Real Change seeks volunteers who have experience working with youth groups, youth programming, or teaching.

Speakers – For a Real Change invites individuals to share their knowledge through one-time speaking engagements within our programs. Speakers generally share their story or prepare a topic in line with the lesson for the week. We welcome speakers from different backgrounds and career fields. We strive to provide opportunities for youth to learn about different careers and see themselves in positions they may have never imagined or knew existed before.

Assistants – In many of the For a Real Change programs, groups of 10 or more come with the support of assistants. Volunteers in these roles help ensure that youth are given necessary attention and teachers have assistance throughout the program.